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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello, World

I've thought about starting a blog for a while. And every time I have the thought, another, more insistent thought takes it over. It's the nagging little voice that's says, in a snotty tone of voice sounds an awful lot like a certain girl in my 7th-grade Spanish class, "Who cares what you have to say?"

I've also thought a lot about what the blog would focus on. I had another blog for my scrapbooking and crafts a while back, but well, I just didn't enjoy it. And those are a dime a dozen. The couponing/saving money thing? Done--by one of my good friends, no less. Ditto for the cooking, things to do, absolutely hysterical observations on life thing. In short, it's pretty much all been done.

And then it occurred to me that it doesn't really matter. It may have been done. And as much as I would love to be the next Dooce, we'll have to see. Even she started off just writing snarky observations about her co-workers. So here I am. Who knows what this little slice of the interwebs will wind up being? It might be a combination of all of those topics above, it might be something else.

To start this off, a little about me: I'm in my mid-30's, live in Maine (obviously) and I'm married with two girls, ages 2 and 9. I'm a grad student, a writer, and wannabe fashionista. I dream of Manolos and Christian Louboutin's, but I wear Dansko's and carry a Vera Bradley bag. I'm a reality TV and chick lit addict, and spend far too much time on Facebook. My favorite authors are the aforementioned Dooce (aka Heather Armstrong), Jen Lancaster, David Sedaris, Emily Giffin, Jennifer Weiner, and a host of others that I plan to emulate at every possible turn.

Oh, and I love me some boxed wine.

So here we go . . . and so begins my sarcastic, perpetually perplexed and hopefully interesting take on the world . . .

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